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Bo’s Testimonial

I found out about Bo Boatright through a close friend who had great results with Bo as their trainer.  I am the stereotypical skinny guy that has a lot of trouble with putting on and maintaining weight.  That was a major reason that I sought out Bo as a trainer.  At the time, I was looking to play Junior hockey and was bypassed by a lot of teams because of my low weight.  So over the summer I trained with Bo heading into the fall hockey season.  It was one of the best decisions I have made in my athletic career thus far.

Bo is very good at his profession. He always had difficult and diverse workouts for me.  Not once did I leave the gym thinking that I had an “easy day.”  The workouts were phenomenal and always challenged my body and mind.  He pushed me to become a better, stronger athlete. He also incorporated a nutrition plan along with my workouts that I have worked to maintain. The push to eat healthier and cleaner really had a drastically positive impact on my ability to perform athletically. What I learned about my body and how I could work out more efficiently with a good nutrition plan was possibly the greatest take away from my experience from Bo.

After the summer of training I drove down to Cleveland where I would be living for the next 9 months playing hockey. The end of the training sessions were not the end of Bo influencing my life.   I was in great physical shape coming into training camp. I was very prepared.  As the season got underway I continue to maintain a heathy diet and push to gain more weight.  Bo also provided me with the means to continue to grow in strength throughout my hockey season.        

Bo is a great guy and you can really feel that he cares about your success.  As a trainer for people who are serious about working hard and improving themselves, I highly recommend getting in contact with Bo.  Choosing Bo as my trainer was clearly a great choice for me, and I can’t see how anyone could go wrong with choosing him as well. Bo has had a very positive influence on both my personal and athletic life and will continue to do so.