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My name is Dianna Haines and I’m 56 years old.  I have lived in the Cadillac area for my entire life. I have 2 children, Brandi and Ryan, 2 Step-sons Thomas and Cody and 3 beautiful granddaughters, Jordan, Josie and Emerson.   I was married to Tom Haines.  He was diagnosed with lung cancer and he had surgery to remove his entire upper right lung.  He started chemotherapy treatments and then followed with radiation.  He was given a clean bill of health in July. In October  a cat scan showed that a spot had returned on his lower right lung and was in need of surgery again to remove that part of the lung.   He had that surgery in January  and unfortunately due to post surgery complications with an infection, he passed away.


 During this time of his illness I had no desire to do any exercise of any kind and unfortunately I started to gain quite a bit of weight.  After Tom died, I was very depressed and didn’t care about how I looked or felt and unfortunately it lead to more weight gain.  My cholesterol, blood sugar etc was not good at this time.  


 I decided to change my mind-set and was looking for a way to take off the extra weight, start eating right and also tone my body.  I joined the Pine Grove Athletic Club ( I knew about the club for a long time and I knew the owner, Carolyn Richards) .I wasn’t sure where to start and she introduced me to Bo Boatright, a personal trainer.  


I set up an appointment with Bo to go over a plan to get back into shape and start leading a more healthier life.   I signed on with Bo in January  and was faithful training with him at least twice a week.   It was rough for me at first as my body was in shock and I was really sore but was determined to lose weight and tone my body and heal my mind.   He was very  patient with me,  was always positive and re-assuring at all times.   He made exercising fun while getting an excellent work-out.  


I’ve come to know Bo quite well and consider him a friend and I am so appreciative of his knowledge as a personal trainer and as a nutrition coach.  I’ve lost over 35 lbs and 32+ inches.  At my last doctor’s appointment, my overall cholesterol came down within the normal range as did my glucose levels and it’s because of the training program I went through with Bo.  My doctor was so happy with my results.   I have recommended him to several of my friends, co-workers and people in my community.